Country vs country: Australia and Japan compared: Agriculture


STAT Australia Japan HISTORY
Agricultural growth 120
Ranked 49th. 26% more than Japan
Ranked 112th.

Agricultural machinery > Tractors 315,000
Ranked 20th.
2.03 million
Ranked 3rd. 6 times more than Australia

Arable and permanent cropland 50,600 thousand hectares
Ranked 6th. 10 times more than Japan
4,830 thousand hectares
Ranked 44th.

Arable land > Hectares 49.4 million hectares
Ranked 4th. 11 times more than Japan
4.36 million hectares
Ranked 24th.

Area > Rice 70,000
Ranked 22nd.
1.67 million
Ranked 13th. 24 times more than Australia

Cotton > Exports 1,700 thousand bales
Ranked 2nd.
Ranked 80th.

Cotton use 115 thousand bales
Ranked 44th.
950 thousand bales
Ranked 15th. 8 times more than Australia

Fertilizer > Consumption > Metric tons 2.28 million metric tons
Ranked 10th. 78% more than Japan
1.28 million metric tons
Ranked 22nd.

Fertilizer use 45.5 kg
Ranked 73th.
301 kg
Ranked 6th. 7 times more than Australia

Grains > Wheat > Consumption 6,200 thousand metric tons
Ranked 13th. 3% more than Japan
6,040 thousand metric tons
Ranked 15th.

Permanent crops 296,000 hectares
Ranked 63th.
356,000 hectares
Ranked 54th. 20% more than Australia

Products wheat, barley, sugarcane, fruits; cattle, sheep, poultry rice, sugar beets, vegetables, fruit; pork, poultry, dairy products, eggs; fish

Tractors 315,000
Ranked 19th.
2.03 million
Ranked 2nd. 6 times more than Australia

Value added 3.54
Ranked 15th. 3 times more than Japan
Ranked 20th.

Workers per hectare 0.05
Ranked 144th.
Ranked 63th. 12 times more than Australia


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