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Marshall Islands Energy Stats


  • Adjusted savings: energy depletion > Current US$: Adjusted savings: energy depletion (current US$). Energy depletion is the ratio of the value of the stock of energy resources to the remaining reserve lifetime (capped at 25 years). It covers coal, crude oil, and natural gas.
  • Electricity > Production by source > Nuclear: The percentage share of electricity generated from each energy source. These are fossil fuel, hydro, nuclear, and other (solar, geothermal, and wind).
  • Energy use > Kg of oil equivalent per capita: Energy use (kg of oil equivalent per capita). Energy use refers to use of primary energy before transformation to other end-use fuels, which is equal to indigenous production plus imports and stock changes, minus exports and fuels supplied to ships and aircraft engaged in international transport.
Adjusted savings: energy depletion > Current US$ 0.0 2011 131st out of 211
Electricity > Production by source > Nuclear 0.0 2003 70th out of 222
Energy use > Kg of oil equivalent per capita 613.61 2007 120th out of 169


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Marshall Islands Energy Profiles (Subcategories)

Electricity 22 Gas-diesel oils 15