Palau Energy Stats


Adjusted savings: energy depletion > Current US$ 0.0 2011 184th out of 211
Electricity > Consumption by households 30 million kWh 2005 179th out of 188
Electricity > Consumption by households > Per capita 1,492.54 kWh per capita 2005 41st out of 187
Electricity > Consumption by households per capita 1,507.01 kWh 2005 35th out of 174
Energy use > Kg of oil equivalent per capita 4,868.62 1990 16th out of 161

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"Palau Energy Stats", NationMaster. Retrieved from http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/profiles/Palau/Energy

Palau Energy Profiles (Subcategories)

Aviation Gasoline 9 Kerosene 10
Electricity 48 Lubricants 10
Gas-diesel oils 10 Motor Gasoline 10
Jet Fuel 6