Republic of Macedonia

Facts and stats about Republic of Macedonia

2.09 million

Population. Ranked 145th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 92nd in 2012.


Albania 151 km, Bulgaria 148 km, Greece 246 km, Kosovo 159 km, Serbia 62 km
Major language Macedonian, Albanian
Major religion Christianity, Islam
Prime minister Nikola Gruevski
Alternative names TFYR Macedonia, the fyr of macedonia, FYROM, Republika Makedonija, FYR Macedonia, Macedonia FYR, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of, macedonia, Republic of Macedonia, macedonia fyr, Macedonia, TFYR, the former yugoslav rep. of macedonia, Macedonia, FYR, Macedonia, the former yugoslavian republic of macedonia, Makedonija, The f. Yugosl. Rep of Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia, T.F.Y.R. Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, TFYR of Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia
Groups Christian countries, Cold countries, Europe, Potential Future EU Members, Religious countries, World

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