Tanzania Climate change Stats


  • Agrees climate change is caused by human activity: Percentage of population who responded yes when asked if they believed global warming was a result of human activities. In this survey, global warming refers to the current rise in earth's temperature and not climate change as a whole.
  • Climate change awareness: Percentage of each country's population who claimed knowing "something" or a "great deal" about climate change when asked: "How much do you know about global warming or climate change?"
  • Perceived as threat: Percentage of country's population that perceives climate change as a threat. Results are from a 2008 Gallop Poll.
Agrees climate change is caused by human activity 15% 2014 128th out of 128
Climate change awareness 53% 2014 89th out of 128
Perceived as threat 48% 2008 63th out of 128


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