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Edria Murray, Staff Editor

Author: Edria Murray, Staff Editor

Educational spending is one indicator of the level of resourcing in schools. Comparing

educational spending with GDP can be an indicator of the importance of education according

to government policy makers. However this indicator can be misleading if the GDP is

significantly higher or lower than average.

To compare priorities for government spending, comparison should be made with spending in

other areas such as military,

href=/graph/eco_soc_sec_exp_as_of_gdp>social security.

To gain a better overview of educational resourcing, other resourcing indicators such as

goverment spending per student and
href=/graph/edu_pup_rat_sec_lev>pupil teacher ratio

should also be consulted.

This statistic states the total government spending across all areas of education. In

most countries spending is not evenly distributed to all sectors of education. To compare

spending in different educational sectors see also spending per student at

href=/graph/edu_pub_spe_per_stu_sec_lev>secondary and
href=/graph/edu_pub_spe_per_stu_ter_lev>tertiary level.
DEFINITION: Total expenditure on education per year per country as % of GDP (Year 2000).


1 United States 7% of GDP 2000
2 Denmark 6.7% of GDP 2000
3 Sweden 6.5% of GDP 2000
4 Canada 6.4% of GDP 2000
5 France 6.1% of GDP 2000
6 Australia 6% of GDP 2000
7 Norway 5.9% of GDP 2000
8 New Zealand 5.8% of GDP 2000
=9 Switzerland 5.7% of GDP 2000
=9 Austria 5.7% of GDP 2000
Group of 7 countries (G7) average (profile) 5.66% of GDP 2000
11 Finland 5.6% of GDP 2000
12 Belgium 5.5% of GDP 2000
=13 Germany 5.3% of GDP 2000
=13 United Kingdom 5.3% of GDP 2000
15 Italy 4.9% of GDP 2000
16 Netherlands 4.7% of GDP 2000
=17 Japan 4.6% of GDP 2000
=17 Ireland 4.6% of GDP 2000


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