Watch Google Dream of Strange Animals Emerging From The Earth

See amazing pictures of Google dreams of natural forms mutating out of our Mother Earth.

Our blue Earth is a beautiful oasis of nature. Now thanks to Google, we have been able to bring it to life in a new and fascinating way.

These images are not the product of any artist. It’s all machine. Google’s image recognition algorithms were reversed to reveal what it remembers of the photos it’s been fed – clearly it’s seen a lot of animals. When it “dreams”, strange, evocative images emerge. 

So we fed satellite photos and other maps into this engine provided by DreamScopeApp. What you get is an even more powerful reminder that we our planet is alive. And it’s amazing to reflect that it’s our machines that reminded us of this.

Imagine if aliens could look down on our planet from space with a special view that show what kind of life forms evolved here. We guess they’d see something like this.

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Here Italy’s natural topography becomes truly reptilian, as if a giant chameleon was trying to blend in:


The British Isles is transformed here with seal-like creatures emerging out of the oceans while giant bird heads roost on Scotland:


Here we see mutant creatures emerging out of Japanese islands. How long until someone can use the neural networks to have these awkward creatures trot around the globe?


And here we fed it a classic world at night photo. Human imagination is at its richest in the dark and so it seems for neural networks too, with some of the most fully formed heads I’ve seen. South America even has a body and legs like some extinct bird.



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