NationMaster Relaunch: Get the Facts the Property Ad Left Out

Today I’m excited to announce the relaunch of NationMaster.

When we launched with international statistics back in 2003, we were loved for bringing stats from all over to one place, into a clear consistent, interface. The next generation of NationMaster continues that tradition.

The market for international stats has intensified and competitors like The CIA World Factbook copied our features while taking the authority as the primary source. The major source, The United


Nations and its many divisions, also got better at providing the data themselves.

I’d received many requests for a more local view of NationMaster but had always thought that it was too much effort, too fine-grained and well catered for on other sites.

That was until I started looking for a new house to buy. I was staggered by the amount of information that was out there but how much effort it is to bring it altogether into a cohesive picture. It’s the biggest purchasing decision most of us will make, yet our field of view is too narrow, our information sparse. We receive surprises after purchase – not all good. We have little means to accurately price the places.


Hyper-local data

Enter NationMaster version 4. We have loads of stats comparing areas but those now areas can get very fine-grained (down to 200 to 800 people). Other sites tell you what the suburb is like. We’ll tell you about your neighbours.



Scoring: Quantifying the touchy feely

We make your life easier by scoring every property in Australia according to convenience, education, seniors and affluence. These boil down many considerations into a single number between 1 and 10, so you can skip complex  considerations.


New Focus

We’ve sharpened our focus in this version to a single vertical, if not use case. We chose international stats because they were interesting and understandable. Now we have a new criteria: does the variable help users buy a property?




We’ve geospatial. NationMaster tells you now how far things away and how much they affect you. Mouse over a point of interest and it highlights that point on the map. And vice versa!


We’re available just for Australia so far. Check it out!

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