Eat This Water Bottle To Stop Plastic Pollution

This Edible Water Bottle Could Save the Planet

This Blob Could Stop Plastic Bottle Pollution

According to National Geographic, Americans buy 29 billion plastic bottles of water a year; 5 out of 6 of these bottles meet the landfill and will stay there for approximately 450 years (the average time it takes for plastic to biodegrade). So what is an environmentally responsible person who likes to hydrate to do? Enter the Ooho globule, the water bottle you can eat.

Developed by a group of Spanish design students, the Ooho is a creative, healthy, and earth conscience alternative to plastic water bottles. Designers Rodrigo García González, Pierre Paslier , and Guillaume Couche say the Ooho is a gelatinous blob made from water through a process called “sperification.” When a person gets thirsty, all they have to do is pierce the double membrane and drink. If you happen to be hungry and thirsty, just take a bite out of the Ooho and it will feed and hydrate you at the same time.

The process of sperification began in labs in 1946. It is a technique used to shape liquids into spheres that has become popular among chefs in Spain. Water is frozen into ice before being encased in the double membrane to prevent mixing with membrane ingredients. The Ooho’s membrane is made from calcium chloride and brown algae that creates a seal around the water, and also makes the Ooho edible.

The Ooho only costs 2 cents to make and can be created at home. Co-Designer Rodrigo García González says now consumers can feel comfortable drinking from the tap again. “The reality is that more and more, when we drink water we throw away a plastic bottle,” García told Co.Exist. “Eighty percent of them are not recycled. This consumerism reflects the society in which we live.”

The use of the Ooho is only limited by consumer imagination. Currently, marathon runners can use the edible water bottle to hydrate instead of wasting paper cups. Electrolytes can also be added to the membrane to give athletes a boost similar to Gatorade, reports the Huffington Post. Check out this video by Fast Company on the Ooho and how it could help save the planet.

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  1. I am shocking to see 29 billion plastic bottles are used only by American. Then how much bottles are used in the world? I shocked to think about this. Next time me and my family will use recyclable bottles. I promise you, to keep sharing with my friends and relatives to start the use of recyclable bottles.

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