Luxembourg Legislature (parliament) Stats


  • Lower house members: Members of the lower house of the legislature or of the only chamber in a unicameral system.
  • People per member: Number of people each member of the legislature represents on average. The number of members of the legislature is the sum of the members of all chambers of parliament, if applicable.
  • Strongly bicameral?: Political scientist Robert A. Dahl compares the constitutions of countries which have been “steadily democratic since 1950” on the characteristic of bicameralism, determing if there are two houses in the legislature, both with substantial powers. (Strongly bicameral or not strongly bicameral).
  • Term of office for lower house members: Members of the lower (or sole) house.

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  • Total members of parliament: Number of members of the legislature (sum of members of all chambers of parliament where applicable).
Lower house members 60 2014 99th out of 116
People per member 8,225 2014 103th out of 116
Strongly bicameral? No 1950
Term of office for lower house members 5 2014 82nd out of 183
Total members of parliament 60 2014 102nd out of 116

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