Spain Military Stats

Air force > Combat aircraft 151 2014 11th out of 62
Army > Attack helicopters 6 2013 11th out of 11
Army > Main battle tanks 552 2014 19th out of 57
Battle-related deaths > Number of people 26 1992 38th out of 41
Budget 25.5 US$ BN 2014 4th out of 58
Global Peace Index 1.56 2013 13th out of 33
Military service age and obligation 18-26 years of age for voluntary military service by a Spanish citizen or legal immigrant, 2-3 year obligation; women allowed to serve in all SAF branches, including combat units; no conscription, but Spanish Government retains right to mobilize citizens 19-25 years of age in a national emergency; mandatory retirement of non-NCO enlisted personnel at age 45 or 58, depending on service length 2013
Navy > Aircraft carriers 1 2014 1st out of 70
Navy > Corvette warships 0.0 2014 27th out of 45
Navy > Nuclear submarines 0.0 2014 5th out of 33
Navy > Submarines 4 2014 9th out of 45
Paramilitary personnel 80,210 2014 17th out of 147
Personnel > Per capita 5.07 per 1,000 people 2005 72nd out of 160
Service age and obligation 20 years of age 2004
War deaths 0.0 2008 108th out of 195

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