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DEFINITION: Conventional arms transfers (1990 prices) - Imports (US$ millions) Refers to the voluntary transfer by the supplier (and thus excludes captured weapons and weapons obtained through defectors) of weapons with a military purpose destined for the armed forces, paramilitary forces or intelligence agencies of another country. These include major conventional weapons or systems in six categories: ships, aircraft, missiles, artillery, armoured vehicles and guidance and radar systems (excluded are trucks, services, ammunition, small arms, support items, components and component technology and towed or naval artillery under 100-millimetre calibre). Per $ GDP figures expressed per 1,000 $ gross domestic product.


High income OECD countries 19.47 per $1,000 1990
NATO countries 14.85 per $1,000 1990
European Union 14.15 per $1,000 1990
Emerging markets 9.57 per $1,000 1990
Non-religious countries 3.91 per $1,000 1990
Group of 7 countries (G7) 0.773 per $1,000 1990