Facts and stats about Azerbaijan

9.59 million

Population. Ranked 91st in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 70th in 2012.


Armenia (with Azerbaijan-proper) 566 km, Armenia (with Azerbaijan-Naxcivan exclave) 221 km, Georgia 322 km, Iran (with Azerbaijan-proper) 432 km, Iran (with Azerbaijan-Naxcivan exclave) 179 km, Russia 284 km, Turkey 9 km
Largest city Baku - 1,713,300
Capital city Baku - 1,713,300
Major language Azeri, Russian
Major religion Islam
Monetary unit Azerbaijani manat
Alternative names Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, Azarbaycan Respublikasi
Groups Eastern Europe, Europe, Former Soviet republics, Landlocked countries, Muslim countries, Non-religious countries, World

Azerbaijan Map

82,629 sq km

Sq. km. Ranked 109th in 2008.

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