Facts and stats about Niue


Population. Ranked 231st in 2013.

Major language Niuean, English
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit New Zealand dollar
Head of state Queen Elizabeth II
Prime minister Toke Talagi
Alternative names Niue
Groups Hot countries, Island countries, Sparsely populated countries, World

Niue Map

cyclone on niue predicted direction our qth niue see red arrow
Oceania: Maps of Niue

Interesting observations about Niue

Niue ranked second for labor force amongst Hot countries in 2013.
Niue has ranked last for outbound tourism > departures since 1999.
Niue ranked first for land use > permanent crops amongst Sparsely populated countries in 2013.
Niue ranked first for internet > hosts > per capita globally in 2008.
Niue has ranked last for electricity > net > production since 1991.
Niue has ranked last for electricity > gross > production > public and self-producer since 1991.
Niue has had the highest labor force per thousand people since 2010.
Niue has had the highest high school > gender parity index since 2004.
Niue has ranked last for carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy since 2010.

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