Country vs country: Japan and Saint Martin compared: Background stats

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  • Land border length: The length of each country's land border. Islands are listed as having a 0.0 km.
  • Neighboring countries and territories: The countries and territories neighboring each country. "L" means they share only a land border and "M" means they have only maritime boundaries. A blank means they share both.
STAT Japan Saint Martin
Land border length 0.0
Ranked 170th.
10.2 km
Ranked 156th.
Neighboring countries and territories China (M) North Korea (M) South Korea (M) Philippines (M) Russia (M) Northern Mariana Islands ( United States ) (M) Taiwan (M) Netherlands (M) Anguilla ( United Kingdom ) (M) Sint Maarten ( Netherlands )

SOURCES: Wikipedia: List of countries and territories by land borders (Land borders) (Note: land border lengths will vary depending on the scale by which they are measured, and therefore these figures without a source accompanied by an explanation of how they were measured and at what scale makes comparisons impossible; for more information see coastline paradox .); Wikipedia: List of countries and territories by land and maritime borders


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