Cook Islands

Facts and stats about Cook Islands


Population. Ranked 221st in 2013.

Major language English and Cook Islands Maori
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit NZ dollar
Head of state Queen Elizabeth II, represented by a governor
Prime minister Henry Puna
Alternative names Cook Islands, Cook Isds
Groups Christian countries, Hot countries, Island countries, World

Interesting observations about Cook Islands

  • Cook Islands ranked second for sex ratio > under 15 years amongst Hot countries in 2012.
  • Cook Islands ranked #4 for sex ratio > total population amongst Christian countries in 2013.
  • Cook Islands ranked first for forested land globally in 2000.
  • Cook Islands has ranked last for population growth rate since 2012.
  • Cook Islands has ranked last for education expenditure of government > as percentage of GNI since 1999.


For what it's worth, the information on the Cook Islands which Mr. Crocombe criticized appears to come from the CIA World Factbook, so if it's grossly erroneous, the CIA report to blame.

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J. Vaccaro

J. Vaccaro


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