Facts and stats about Latvia

2.18 million

Population. Ranked 143th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 45th in 2012.


Belarus 171 km, Estonia 343 km, Lithuania 576 km, Russia 292 km
Largest city Riga - 874,000
Capital city Riga - 874,000
Major language Latvian, Russian
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit lat
Prime minister Laimdota Straujuma
Alternative names Latvijas Republika, Republic of Latvia, Latvia, Latvija
Groups Christian countries, Cold countries, Emerging markets, Europe, European Union, Eurozone, Former Soviet republics, NATO countries, World

Interesting observations about Latvia

Latvia ranked first for GDP > real growth rate amongst European Union in 2012.
Latvia has ranked last for illiteracy rates by sex > aged 15+ since 1980.
Latvia ranked first for GDP > composition by sector > services amongst Emerging markets in 2012.
Latvia ranked first for agricultural growth amongst NATO countries in 2007.
Latvia ranked 15 places from the bottom for population amongst Europe in 2013.
Latvia ranked first for GDP > composition by sector > agriculture amongst Eurozone in 2012.
Latvia ranked #5 for death rate amongst Cold countries in 2013.
Latvia ranked second for age structure > 65 years and over amongst Former Soviet republics in 2013.
Latvia has ranked last for illiterate population by sex > aged 15+ > men > per capita since 1988.

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