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  • Chess > GrandMasters: Number of GrandMaster chess champions, by country. A GrandMaster is the highest level of recognition in chess.
  • Chess > International Masters: Number of International Masters in chess, by country. International Master is the second highest recognition in chess.
  • Chess > World Chess Rankings: Country rank by average rating of top 10 players
  • FIFA World Ranking > Men: World football rankings, point totals, March 2006.
  • Winter olympic medals > All time: All-time Winter Games medal standings, according to The Golden Book of the Olympic Games. Medal counts include figure skating medals (1908 and '20) and hockey medals (1920) awarded at the Summer Games. National medal standings for the Winter and Summer Games are not recognized by the IOC.
1994 Winter Paralympics > Total 1 1994 23th out of 24
Chess > GrandMasters 0.0 2006 127th out of 134
Chess > International Masters 0.0 2006 127th out of 134
Chess > World Chess Rankings 2,118 2006 119th out of 134
FIFA World Ranking > Men 364 2006 118th out of 197
Winter olympic medals > All time 9 1920 17th out of 36

SOURCES: Wikipedia: 1994 Winter Paralympics; World Chess Federation, 2006; Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA); The Golden Book of the Olympic Games


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