Facts and stats about Panama

3.56 million

Population. Ranked 131st in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 62nd in 2012.


Colombia 225 km, Costa Rica 330 km
Largest city Panama City - 450,668
Capital city Panama City - 450,668
Major language Spanish, English
Major religion Christianity
Monetary unit balboa ; US dollar
Alternative names Panama, Republica de Panama, Republic of Panama
Groups Catholic countries, Christian countries, Former Spanish colonies, Hot countries, Latin America and Caribbean, World

Interesting observations about Panama

Panama ranked first for GDP > real growth rate amongst Christian countries in 2012.
Panama has had the highest bank liquid > reserves to bank assets ratio since 1969.
Panama ranked first for telecoms > mobile cellular subscriptions > per 100 people amongst Catholic countries in 2012.
Panama ranked first for merchant marine > total amongst Hot countries in 2013.
Panama ranked first for life expectancy at birth > total population amongst Former Spanish colonies in 2011.
Panama ranked first for trade balance with US amongst Latin America and Caribbean in 2003.
Panama ranked first for merchant marine > total > dwt globally in 2007.
Panama has had the highest merchant marine > foreign-owned since 2004.

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