Singapore Culture Stats


Food and drink > Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > All drinks 1.55 2005 152nd out of 187
Food and drink > Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > Beer 1.45 2005 95th out of 187
Food and drink > Alcohol > Legal drinking age 18 2014 12th out of 33
Food and drink > Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet date October 20, 1979 2012
Food and drink > Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet location Liat Towers, Orchard Road 2012
Food and drink > Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet notes First outlet in Southeast Asia . See McDonald's Singapore 2012
Food and drink > Fast food outlets > KFC > Year entered 1,977 2014 16th out of 19
Gambling > Casino revenue per thousand people 0.425 2009 2nd out of 9
Happy Planet Index 48.2 2009 49th out of 143
Hobbies > Homebrewing legality Legal up to 30 liters per household per month. Brewers must be 18 years of age or older, and the brewing process must not "degrade the environment". The product must not be sold. 2014
Sexuality > Homosexuality > Allows gays to serve openly in military Due to conscription, but gays are not allowed to go to command school or serve in sensitive units. 2014
Sexuality > Homosexuality > Legality of homosexual acts Male illegal (Penalty: up to 2 years prison sentence; no plan to repeal 377A and not enforced since 1999) Female legal 2014
Smoking > Cigarettes per adult per year 547 2014 88th out of 184
Tobacco > Purchase age 18 2014 9th out of 88
Tobacco > Smoking age 18 2014 10th out of 44

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Food and drink 14 Smoking 3
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