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  • Infant mortality rate > Total: This entry gives the number of deaths of infants under one year old in a given year per 1,000 live births in the same year; included is the total death rate, and deaths by sex, male and female. This rate is often used as an indicator of the level of health in a country.
  • Life expectancy at birth > Total population: The average number of years to be lived by a group of people born in the same year, if mortality at each age remains constant in the future. Life expectancy at birth is also a measure of overall quality of life in a country and summarizes the mortality at all ages. It can also be thought of as indicating the potential return on investment in human capital and is necessary for the calculation of various actuarial measures.
Infant mortality rate > Total 16.51 deaths/1,000 live births 2008 121st out of 219
Life expectancy at birth > Total population 74.29 years 2008 88th out of 220

SOURCES: CIA World Factbooks 18 December 2003 to 28 March 2011


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