Country vs country: Ethiopia and Germany compared: Lifestyle stats

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STAT Ethiopia Germany HISTORY
Food and drink > Beverages and tobacco > % of value added in manufacturing 4.07%
Ranked 66th.
Ranked 68th. 2 times more than Ethiopia

Food and drink > Coffee > Consumption per capita 1.3 kg 6.4 kg
Food and drink > Exports 77.49
Ranked 8th. 14 times more than Germany
Ranked 92nd.

Food and drink > Exports > % of merchandise > Exports 61.98%
Ranked 17th. 15 times more than Germany
Ranked 86th.

Food and drink > Imports > % of merchandise imports 10.86%
Ranked 70th. 38% more than Germany
Ranked 96th.

SOURCES: World Development Indicators database; World Resource Institute: Countries by coffee consumption per capita; World Bank staff estimates from the Comtrade database maintained by the United Nations Statistics Division.


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