Somalia Transport Stats


Air transport > Freight > Million tons per km 5 million tons/km 1991 106th out of 138
Air transport > Passengers carried 46,100 1991 129th out of 146
Airports 61 2013 79th out of 235
Airports > Per capita 6.32 per 1 million people 2010 70th out of 133
Airports > With paved runways > Total 6 2013 138th out of 233
Gross value added by transport, storage and communication 107.64 million 2012 177th out of 204
Gross value added by transport, storage and communication per capita 10.56 2012 200th out of 201
Highways > Paved > Per capita 0.383 km per 1,000 people 1999 75th out of 106
Highways > Total > Per capita 3.25 km per 1,000 people 1999 60th out of 111
Pipelines crude oil 15 km 2003
Ports and terminals Berbera, Kismaayo 2013
Road > Motor vehicles per 1000 people 3 2014 186th out of 191
Road network length > Km 2014 108th out of 219
Roadways > Unpaved 19,492 km 2000 8th out of 44
Transportation > Note despite a dramatic drop in the number of attacks in 2012, the International Maritime Bureau continues to report the territorial and offshore waters in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean as a region of significant risk for piracy and armed robbery against ships accounting for 25% of all attacks in 2012; 75 vessels, including commercial shipping and pleasure craft, were attacked or hijacked both at anchor and while underway compared with 237 in 2011; the number of hijackings off the coast of Somalia was reduced to 14 in 2012, down from 28 in 2011; as of April 2013, 77 vessels and 7 hostages were being held for ransom by Somali pirates; the presence of several naval task forces in the Gulf of Aden and additional anti-piracy measures on the part of ship operators, including the use of on-board armed security teams, have reduced piracy incidents in that body of water; in response Somali-based pirates, using hijacked fishing trawlers as "mother ships" to extend their range, shifted operations as far south as the Mozambique Channel, eastward to the vicinity of the Maldives, and northeastward to the Strait of Hormuz 2013

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Somalia Transport Profiles (Subcategories)

Airports 30 Merchant marine 12
Air transport 6 Roads 5
Highways 9 Roadways 6
Maritime 73 Transport services 3