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Though a relatively small nation, Cuba is prone to a high degree of violent crime, with figures published in 2002 showing that there were 348 murders committed by youths, placing the country 15th amongst 73 nations. In fact, the rate of murders by youths per capita is the 16th highest on earth, at 9.6 per 100,000 of the population. It may surprise you to learn that the death penalty is still in use in Cuba, but sparingly so as just 5 executions took place in 2007.


Justice system > Punishment > Capital punishment (last execution year) 2,003 2014 3rd out of 31
Murder rate 5.5 2006
Prisoners 0.0 2002 162nd out of 168
Prisoners > Per capita 0.0 2003 159th out of 164
Punishment > Crimes possibly attracting life sentence ?? 2014
Punishment > Maximum length of sentence None 2014
Suicide rates > Suicide rate (both sexes) 12.3 2008 3rd out of 19
Suicide rates > Suicide rate (males) 19 2008 1st out of 17
United States extradition treaties > Entered into force March 2, 1905
March 2, 1905
June 18, 1926
Violent crime > Gun crime > Guns per 100 residents 4.8 2014 99th out of 170
Violent crime > Intentional homicide rate 4.6 2008 47th out of 92
Violent crime > Murder rate 563 2009 43th out of 116
Violent crime > Murder rate per million people 49.87 2009 48th out of 113
Violent crime > Murders 563 2009 43th out of 116
Violent crime > Murders per million people 49.87 2009 48th out of 113

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Punishment 6 Violent crime 6
Suicide rates 3