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DEFINITION: A description of the status of conscription in the nation in 1997.
Afghanistan In view of the present conflict it is difficult to assess whether there is a coherent policy of conscription superseding the policy of the previous regime, under which conscription existed (AI).
Albania Conscription exists (AI and WRI).
Algeria Conscription exists (FWCC).
Angola Conscription exists.
Antigua and Barbuda No conscription.
Argentina Military service is voluntary. Law No.24.429, promulgated on 5 January 1995, establishes a voluntary military service yet reserves for the Congress the right to conscript 18-year-olds for a period of service not exceeding one year. Such conscription may be ordered, when for specified reasons, an inadequate number of volunteers present themselves for military service.
Armenia Conscription exists (FWCC).
Australia No conscription (FWCC).
Austria Conscription exists.
Azerbaijan Conscription exists (FWCC).
Bahrain No conscription.
Bangladesh No conscription (AI).
Barbados No conscription (FWCC).
Belarus Conscription exists.
Belgium Conscription was abolished as of 1 January 1994 under the so-called Delacroix Bill of 6 July 1993 (WRI).
Belize Military service is voluntary (NISBCO).
Benin Selective conscription (FWCC).
Bhutan Selective conscription (FWCC).
Bolivia Conscription exists (AI and NISBCO).
Bosnia and Herzegovina Conscription exists (WRI).
Botswana No conscription (FWCC).
Brazil Conscription exists.
Bulgaria Conscription exists (WRI).
Burkina Faso No military conscription (AI).
Burma No conscription (FWCC).
Burundi No conscription (FWCC).
Cambodia Conscription exists (FWCC).
Cameroon No conscription.
Canada No conscription (AI).
Cape Verde Conscription exists (AI).
Central African Republic Selective conscription (FWCC).
Chad Selective conscription.
Chile Conscription exists (AI and NISBCO).
China Selective conscription (FWCC).
Colombia Conscription exists.
Costa Rica No conscription.
Croatia Conscription exists.
Cuba Conscription exists (AI and NISBCO).
Cyprus Conscription exists (AI).
Czech Republic Conscription exists.
Democratic Republic of the Congo Conscription exists (FWCC).
Denmark Conscription exists.
Djibouti No conscription (AI).
Dominican Republic Conscription exists (NISBCO).
Ecuador Conscription exists.
Egypt Conscription exists.
El Salvador The Salvadoran Constitution and the law on military service establish obligatory military service. In practice, since the end of the armed conflict in January 1992, military service has been performed on a voluntary basis. The law on military service is currently undergoing revision (NISBCO).
Equatorial Guinea Conscription exists (FWCC).
Estonia Conscription exists (ECCO).
Ethiopia Conscription exists. Compulsory military service is provided
Fiji No conscription (FWCC).
Finland Conscription exists.
France Conscription exists.
Gabon No conscription (FWCC).
Georgia Conscription exists (FWCC).
Germany Conscription exists.
Ghana No conscription (FWCC).
Greece Conscription exists (AI).
Grenada Conscription does not exist, as there is no military service (NISBCO).
Guatemala Conscription exists. The Global Human Rights Accord signed in March 1994 by representatives of the Government, the URNG guerillas, and the United Nations stipulated that a new law on military service would be enacted in order to end the practice of forced recruitment (NISBCO).
Guinea Conscription exists (FWCC).
Guinea-Bissau Conscription exists (AI).
Guyana No conscription (NISBCO).
Haiti No conscription (NISBCO).
Honduras Decree No. 24-94 was passed in May 1994 establishing a voluntary military service during peacetime. The amendment reserves for the Congress the right to conscript (NISBCO).
Hong Kong No conscription (AI).
Hungary Conscription exists (AI and WRI).
Iceland No conscription (AI).
India No conscription (AI).
Indonesia Selective conscription (FWCC).
Iran Conscription exists (AI).
Iraq Conscription exists (AI).
Ireland No conscription.
Israel Conscription exists (AI).
Italy Conscription exists (WRI).
Jamaica No conscription (NISBCO).
Japan No conscription (AI).
Jordan Jordanian Conscript Service was suspended indefinitely in 1992 and all members of the armed forces are regular volunteers.
Kazakhstan Conscription exists
Kenya No conscription (AI).
Kuwait Conscription exists (AI).
Kyrgyzstan No conscription (FWCC).
Latvia Conscription exists (ECCO).
Lebanon Conscription exists (FWCC).
Lesotho No conscription (FWCC).
Libya Conscription exists (AI).
Liechtenstein No conscription (AI).
Lithuania Conscription exists.
Luxembourg No conscription (AI).
Madagascar Conscription exists (FWCC).
Malawi No conscription (FWCC).
Malaysia No conscription (AI).
Maldives No conscription (AI).
Mali Selective conscription exists (FWCC).
Malta No conscription.
Mauritania No conscription (FWCC).
Mauritius No system of military service.
Mexico Conscription exists.
Moldova Conscription exists (WCC).
Monaco No conscription (FWCC).
Mongolia Conscription exists (FWCC).
Morocco Conscription exists (FWCC).
Mozambique Conscription exists (AI).
Namibia Conscription exists in law (AI).
Nepal No conscription.
Netherlands No conscription (FWCC).
New Zealand No conscription (AI).
Nicaragua No conscription (NISBCO).
Niger Selective conscription (FWCC).
Nigeria No conscription.
Norway Conscription exists.
Oman No conscription.
Pakistan No conscription (AI).
Panama Conscription exists.
Papua New Guinea No conscription (FWCC).
Paraguay Conscription exists.
Peru Conscription exists.
Philippines Conscription exists (FWCC).
Poland Conscription exists (WRI).
Portugal Conscription exists.
Qatar No conscription.
Republic of Macedonia Conscription exists (WRI).
Romania Conscription exists.
Russia Conscription exists (AI).
Rwanda No conscription (FWCC).
San Marino Military service does not exist.
Saudi Arabia There is no conscription.
Senegal Selective conscription.
Seychelles Conscription exists (FWCC).
Sierra Leone There is no conscription (FWCC).
Singapore Conscription exists (AI).
Slovakia Conscription exists.
Slovenia Conscription exists.
Somalia Conscription exists (AI).
South Africa No conscription.
South Korea Conscription exists (AI).
Spain Conscription exists.
Sri Lanka No conscription (AI).
Sudan Conscription exists (AI).
Suriname No conscription (FWCC)
Swaziland No conscription.
Sweden Conscription exists.
Switzerland Conscription exists (WRI).
Syria Conscription exists (AI).
Tanzania Conscription exists (FWCC).
Thailand Conscription exists (FWCC).
The Bahamas No conscription (AI).
The Gambia No conscription (FWCC).
Togo Selective conscription (FWCC).
Tonga No conscription (FWCC).
Trinidad and Tobago No conscription (FWCC).
Tunisia Conscription exists.
Turkey Conscription exists (WRI).
Turkmenistan Conscription exists (FWCC).
Uganda No conscription.
Ukraine Conscription exists.
United Arab Emirates No conscription (AI).
United Kingdom No conscription (WRI).
United States No conscription.
Uruguay No conscription (NISBCO).
Uzbekistan Conscription exists (FWCC).
Vanuatu No conscription (FWCC).
Venezuela Conscription exists (NISBCO).
Vietnam Conscription exists (AI).
Yemen Conscription exists (AI).
Zambia No conscription.
Zimbabwe No conscription.


"Countries Compared by Military > Conscription. International Statistics at NationMaster.com", Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland, 1997. Data collected from the nations concerned, unless otherwise indicated. Acronyms: Amnesty International (AI); European Council of Conscripts Organizations (ECCO); Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC); International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHFHR); National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors (NISBCO); Service, Peace and Justice in Latin America (SERPAJ); War Resisters International (WRI); World Council of Churches (WCC). Aggregates compiled by NationMaster. Retrieved from http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Military/Conscription

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Conscription exists in the Philippines? Are you nuts? The FWCC must be imagining things.

They could be referring to the mandatory Civil Army Training (CAT) for all high school students or Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) for male College students, but these cannot be considered Conscription - there is no mandatory term of service outside of the school setting. It's just marching and exercising every Saturday for 4 semesters - no tactics, weapons training or military doctrine at all.

Posted on 18 Oct 2011




Some days ago Sweden also abolished conscription.

I have the feeling this list needs to be updated ASAP

Posted on 17 Aug 2010



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