About Us

What is NationMaster?

NationMaster is a statistics database which offers a large directory of variables for comparison purposes.
A wide range of economic and demographic indicators are available, across 300 industry verticals (agriculture, consumer goods, ICT, pharma…)
With NationMaster you can track thousands of statistics as and when they are released. The database is composed of data from trustworthy sources such as national statistic agencies, governments, international organizations... (UNDP, UNESCO Institute for Statistics, UNCTAD, WTO, World Bank, World Health Organization, OECD and many others)

What are the advantages of using NationMaster?

NationMaster simplifies the way analysts get accurate, reliable and up to date information and statistics, including market sizing and trends on 180 countries.
Anyone can conduct easy comparisons and identify where growth opportunities lie for your business.

Who are we?

Our team is mainly made up of analysts, economists, and computer engineers.
This taskforce is responsible for developing the groundbreaking technology we use in our database to provide you with the most fresh and factual information on the web.