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  • Gender parity index: Country's gender parity index for college and university enrollment. For countries with a rating of over 1, more females are enrolled while countries with a rating under 1 have more males enrolled.
  • Gender ratio: Ratio of female to male tertiary enrollment is the percentage of men to women enrolled at tertiary level in public and private schools.
  • Private school share: Percentage of post-secondary students who attend a private school, college, or university.
  • Share of total education spending: Percentage of government education funding that goes to post-secondary education.
  • Teachers > Proportion of teachers female: Percentage of country's college and university professors that are female.
STAT France United States HISTORY
Gender parity index 1.26
Ranked 39th.
Ranked 33th. 11% more than France

Gender ratio 127.69
Ranked 41st.
Ranked 29th. 10% more than France

Private school share 20.07%
Ranked 60th.
Ranked 46th. 39% more than France

Share of total education spending 22.63%
Ranked 39th.
Ranked 26th. 13% more than France

Teachers > Proportion of teachers female 39%
Ranked 3rd.
Ranked 7th. 21% more than France