Middle Eastern and North Africa Compared by Energy > Oil > Reserves per capita

DEFINITION: According to Web definitions the term refers to the total amount of petroleum (oil) discovered in any given oil field or nation. Thus it can be said that Kuwait has xxxx millions of barrels (mb) of oil in the ground. However, the exact amount can never be known, simply because of the difficulty in sensing or "seeing" beneath the surface of the Earth. The term Proven Reserve or PR refers to an amount of oil that is generally accepted by geologists to be the actual amount of petroleum in the ground. Figures expressed per capita for the same year.


1 Kuwait 42,023.87 barrels 2005
2 United Arab Emirates 23,572.61 barrels 2005
3 Qatar 19,484.66 barrels 2005
4 Saudi Arabia 10,639.91 barrels 2005
5 Libya 7,149.94 barrels 2005
6 Iraq 4,109.28 barrels 2005
7 Oman 2,418.4 barrels 2005
8 Iran 1,900.15 barrels 2005
9 Algeria 366.89 barrels 2005
10 Yemen 216.98 barrels 2005
11 Tunisia 169.51 barrels 2005
12 Bahrain 140.98 barrels 2005
13 Syria 137.61 barrels 2005
14 Egypt 37.62 barrels 2005
15 Morocco 3.32 barrels 2005
16 Israel 0.277 barrels 2005
17 Jordan 0.0822 barrels 2005


Middle Eastern and North Africa Compared by Energy > Oil > Reserves per capita


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