Argentine or Argentinian College and university Stats


  • Gender parity index: Country's gender parity index for college and university enrollment. For countries with a rating of over 1, more females are enrolled while countries with a rating under 1 have more males enrolled.
  • Gender ratio: Ratio of female to male tertiary enrollment is the percentage of men to women enrolled at tertiary level in public and private schools.
  • Private school share: Percentage of post-secondary students who attend a private school, college, or university.
  • Share of total education spending: Percentage of government education funding that goes to post-secondary education.
  • Teachers > Proportion of teachers female: Percentage of country's college and university professors that are female.
Gender parity index 1.51 2010 21st out of 122
Gender ratio 152.25 2007 17th out of 102
Private school share 27.08% 2010 49th out of 111
Share of total education spending 19.86% 2010 55th out of 109
Teachers > Proportion of teachers female 49% 2009 5th out of 12