Bermudian Produce Stats


  • Agricultural crop > Production: Crop production index shows agricultural production for each year relative to the base period 1999-2001. It includes all crops except fodder crops. Regional and income group aggregates for the FAO's production indexes are calculated from the underlying values in international dollars, normalized to the base period 1999-2001."
  • Food > Production: Food production index covers food crops that are considered edible and that contain nutrients. Coffee and tea are excluded because, although edible, they have no nutritive value."
  • Live stock > Production index: Livestock production index includes meat and milk from all sources, dairy products such as cheese, and eggs, honey, raw silk, wool, and hides and skins."
Agricultural crop > Production 96 2007 148th out of 186
Food > Production 96 2007 149th out of 189
Live stock > Production index 95 2007 158th out of 187

SOURCES: Food and Agriculture Organisation, electronic files and web site.


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