Bosnia and Herzegovina

Facts and stats about Bosnia and Herzegovina

3.88 million

Population. Ranked 128th in 2013.


GDP per capita. Ranked 94th in 2012.


Croatia 932 km, Montenegro 249 km, Serbia 357 km
Largest city Sarajevo - 310,000
Capital city Sarajevo - 310,000
Monetary unit konvertibilna marka (convertible mark)
Alternative names bosnia-hercegovina, Bosna i Hercegovina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, bosnia and herzegowina, bosnia & herzegovina, bosnia and h., bosnia-herzegovina, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bosnia Herzegovina
Groups Christian countries, Cold countries, Eastern Europe, Europe, Former Yugoslavian countries , Potential Future EU Members, World

Interesting observations about Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked second for unemployment rate amongst Europe in 2012.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked first for land use > permanent crops amongst Cold countries in 2013.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked #4 for secondary education, duration > years globally in 2012.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked first for age structure > 15-64 years amongst Eastern Europe in 2012.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina has ranked last for gross domestic savings > current US$ per capita since 1998.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina has had the highest emissions > CO2 intensity > kg per kg of oil equivalent energy use since 1997.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked third last for GDP per capita amongst Potential Future EU Members in 2012.