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  • Companies > Corporate governance (overall rating): Overall rating of each country's adherence to the corporate governance guidelines set forth in three prominent economical essays. The ratings are out of 10, with 10 meaning full adherence.
  • Companies > Specific companies > Apple Store first opening: First opening of Apple Stores.
  • Companies > Specific companies > Apple Stores: Countries compared by number of Apple stores located at its territory. The Apple campus, located in Cupertino (California) hosts not only the company headquartes, but the original Employee Store (now named Apple Company Store), which is the only place in the world where legitimate merchandise with the Apple logo (such as t-shirts, hats and the like) can be purchased. Another special case is China, that currently hosts 10 official Apple stores, but also numerous fake ones. These imitations try to mimic the look and feel of the orginal stores, with varying degrees of success. Other countries are known to host unauthorized stores too.
  • Companies > Specific companies > IKEA > Debut: The year in which the first IKEA opened in each country. The first IKEA opened in Sweden in 1958.
  • Companies > Specific companies > IKEA > No. of stores: The number of IKEA outlets in each country.
Companies > Corporate governance (overall rating) 7.36 2014 2nd out of 38
Companies > Specific companies > Apple Store first opening May 21, 2005 2014
Companies > Specific companies > Apple Stores 29 2014 3rd out of 14
Companies > Specific companies > IKEA > Debut 1,976 2014 41st out of 47
Companies > Specific companies > IKEA > No. of stores 12 2012 9th out of 50


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