Canada Foreign relations Stats


Comprehensive National Power 57.09 2006 8th out of 10
Croatia > Date of Establishment April 14, 1993 1993
Date of establishment of relations with China October 13, 1970 2014
Date of recognition of Israel None 2014
Date of recognition of Kosovo None 2010
Date of recognition of Syrian National Council Rejection of Assad government Informal relations 2011
Diplomatic representation in the US > Ambassador Doer, Gary Gary Doer 2014
International recognition of the Syrian National Council notes Foreign Minister John Baird , in a 16 December speech in the House of Commons stated, ""Assad will fall. The government will fall. It's only a matter of time". Later that day, Baird met with a Syrian National Council delegation led by Council President Burhan Ghalioun . The council expressed its gratitude for Canada's assistance to the SNC, including international lobbying for new UN Security Council resolutions and its rejection of the Assad government. Discussions were held on Canada's participation in humanitarian assistance during a transitional period and in the rebuilding of a post-Assad Syria. 2011
Nepal > Date of Establishment January 18, 1965 1965
Recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia Minister of Foreign Affairs , David Emerson , issued the statement on the situation in Georgia saying that "Canada is gravely concerned about Russia\u2019s recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This recognition violates Georgia\u2019s territorial integrity and sovereignty and is contrary to UN Security Council resolutions supported by Russia, as well as to the six-point peace plan brokered by President Nicolas Sarkozy on behalf of the EU". 2014


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