Facts and stats about Curacao

Interesting observations about Curacao

  • Curacao ranked 10 places from the bottom for population amongst Latin America and Caribbean in 2012.
  • Curacao ranked #4 for net migration per million globally in 2012.
  • Curacao ranked 6th last for biodiversity > mammal species, threatened amongst Tourist destinations in 2013.
  • Curacao ranked #14 for coastline amongst Densely populated countries in 2014.
  • Curacao has ranked #9 in companies > trademark applications, total per 1000 since 2010.
  • Curacao has ranked in the top 16 for tourism > international tourism, expenditures for travel items > current US$ per capita since 2007.
  • Curacao has ranked in the top 24 for population, total per 1000 since 1998.
  • Curacao has ranked 28th from the bottom for population, total since 2000.
  • Curacao has ranked in the top 29 for tourism > international tourism, number of arrivals per capita since 1998.
  • Curacao has ranked in the top 35 for population density > people per sq. km of land area since 1998.

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