El Salvador

El Salvador Salaries and benefits Stats


  • Hourly minimum wage: Hourly minimum wage at international USD (this means that discrepancies in purchasing power have been compensated for).
  • Minimum wage: Minimum wage.

    No date was available from the Wikipedia article, so we used the date of retrieval.

  • Workers earning less than $1 per day: Percentage of workers earning less than the equivalent of one USD per day.
Hourly minimum wage $0.81 2012 110th out of 148
Minimum wage Set sector by sector; for example, US$ 224.29 a month for retail employees; US$219.40 for industrial laborers; US$187.68 for apparel assembly workers; US$104.97 for agriculture workers. The wage for seasonal agricultural workers of cotton and sugar cane is used here. 2014
Workers earning less than $1 per day 3.8% 2008 8th out of 19


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