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European Union Adjusted savings Stats


Adjusted net savings > Excluding particulate emission damage > % of GNI 8.14% 2008 63th out of 124
Adjusted net savings > Including particulate emission damage > % of GNI 8.08% 2008 60th out of 120
Adjusted savings > Carbon dioxide damage > % of GNI 0.18% 2008 128th out of 163
Adjusted savings > Consumption of fixed capital > % of GNI 13.82% 2008 27th out of 163
Adjusted savings > Energy depletion > % of GNI 0.66% 2008 65th out of 163
Adjusted savings > Gross savings > % of GNI 18.05% 2008 80th out of 133
Adjusted savings > Mineral depletion > % of GNI 0.03% 2008 64th out of 163
Adjusted savings > Net forest depletion > % of GNI 0.01% 2008 58th out of 153
Adjusted savings > Net national savings > % of GNI 4.23% 2008 95th out of 133
Adjusted savings > Particulate emission damage > % of GNI 0.06% 2008 117th out of 163

SOURCES: World Bank staff estimates. The conceptual underpinnings of the savings measure appear in Hamilton and Clemens' ""Genuine Savings Rates in Developing Countries"" (1999).; World Bank staff estimates based on Samuel Fankhauser's ""Valuing Climate Change: The Economics of the Greenhouse"" (1995).; World Bank staff estimates using data from the United Nations Statistics Division's National Accounts Statistics.; World Bank staff estimates based on sources and methods in Arundhati Kunte and others' ""Estimating National Wealth: Methodology and Results"" (1998).; World Bank national accounts data files.; World Bank staff estimates.; Kiran D. Pandey and others' ""The Human Costs of Air Pollution: New Estimates for Developing Countries"" (2006).


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