Iceland Risk factors Stats


Female adults with HIV > % of population ages 15+ with HIV 40% 2007 55th out of 132
Incidence of tuberculosis > Per 100,000 people 2.19 2008 183th out of 189
Prevalence of HIV > Female > % ages 15-24 0.1% 2007 93th out of 127
Prevalence of HIV > Male > % ages 15-24 0.2% 2007 90th out of 131
Prevalence of HIV > Total > % of population ages 15-49 0.2% 2007 89th out of 138

SOURCES: UNAIDS and the WHO's Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic.; World Health Organisation, Global Tuberculosis Control Report.


Iceland Health > Risk factors Profiles (Subcategories)

Prevalence of HIV 3

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