Malta Emissions Stats


Agricultural methane emissions > % of total 40% 2005 69th out of 128
Agricultural nitrous oxide emissions > % of total 80% 2005 78th out of 128
CO2 emissions > Kg per 2000 US$ of GDP $0.63 2007 87th out of 171
CO2 emissions > Kg per 2005 PPP $ of GDP $0.30 2007 79th out of 167
CO2 emissions > Kg per PPP $ of GDP $0.29 2007 75th out of 167
CO2 emissions > Kt 2,722.35 2007 124th out of 187
CO2 emissions > Metric tons per capita 6.66 2007 58th out of 187
CO2 intensity > Kg per kg of oil equivalent energy use 3.14 2007 15th out of 128
Industrial methane emissions > % of total 0.0 2005 127th out of 128
Methane emissions > Kt of CO2 equivalent 100 2005 127th out of 128
Nitrous oxide emissions > Thousand metric tons of CO2 equivalent 50 2005 127th out of 128
Other greenhouse gas emissions > HFC > PFC and SF6 > Thousand metric tons of CO2 equivalent 0.0 2005 90th out of 128

SOURCES: International Energy Agency (IEA Statistics \xA9 OECD/IEA, http://www.iea.org/stats/index.asp).; Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, United States.; World Resources Institute.



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