Mayotte Telecommunications Stats


  • Country calling code:

    The calling code for each country. A calling code should not be confused with an area or city code. For instance, the calling code for the United States is 1, and the area code for Detroit is 313. In order to dial Detroit from overseas you must dial the 1, plus 313, then the actual phone number. It's also common to see a “+” in front of the calling code, e.g., +1 313 XXX-XXXX.

  • Telephone > Fixed telephone lines: Fixed telephone lines.
  • Telephone > Fixed telephone lines per thousand people: Fixed telephone lines. Figures expressed per thousand people for the same year.
Country calling code 262 2014
Telephone > Fixed telephone lines 10,000 2012 191st out of 211
Telephone > Fixed telephone lines per thousand people 43.26 2010 155th out of 210

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