Saint Helena

Saint Helena Births and maternity Stats


  • All births of boys: Live births by sex and urban/rural residence.
  • All births of girls: Live births by sex and urban/rural residence.
  • Crude birth rate: Country's crude birth rate. The crude birth rate is the number of live births for every 1,000 people.
  • Number of births: Total number of live births. A live birth refers to a birth after which the baby shows signs of life, however, if the baby dies after showing signs of life, it is still considered a live birth.
  • Teenage birth rate: Percentage of females aged 15-19 who give birth, out of all females the same age in the country.
All births of boys 1 1994 107th out of 107
All births of girls 1 1994 107th out of 107
Crude birth rate 7.4 2005 144th out of 145
Number of births 34 2005 143th out of 145
Teenage birth rate 32.3 2000 81st out of 142


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