Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis Maternity leave Stats


  • Proportion of wages paid: Percentage of usual wages the country mandates employers to pay women on maternity leave. For instance, Italy requires employers to pay a woman 80% of her normal wages while off work after giving birth.
  • Provider: The method/s in which women receive an income during their maternity leave. Some countries put the responsibility solely on the employer, while others either include maternity leaves into their social welfare programs or use a combination of the two. Some countries do not have laws regarding maternity leave such as the United States and Papua New Guinea.
  • Weeks of leave given: Maternity leave benefits.
Proportion of wages paid 65% 2013 149th out of 169
Provider Social security 2013
Weeks of leave given 56 2013 68th out of 180