South Korea

South Korea Air force Stats


  • Aircraft carriers > Commissioned:

    Amount of aircraft carriers in full service in each country. These numbers can also be interpreted as the amount of each country's commissioned aircraft carriers.   

  • Aircraft carriers > In reserve: Total amount of reserve aircraft carriers in each country.
  • Bombers: Number of bomber combat aircrafts.
  • Combat aircraft: Number of fighter aircrafts (fixed wing aircrafts with combat capability).
  • Fighters: Number of fighter combat aircrafts.
Aircraft carriers > Commissioned 1 2014 8th out of 13
Aircraft carriers > In reserve 0.0 2014 10th out of 14
Bombers 60 2013 6th out of 9
Combat aircraft 458 2012 1st out of 1
Fighters 64 2013 9th out of 9


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