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In response to anonymous' question: what is the other in Canada's land use category ...

on Canada Geography > Land use Stats: NationMaster.com


Kosovo is categorized as a landlocked nation in the Balkan region. Kosovo was part of ...

on Top stats for Kosovo: Country profile


Last month, six Iranian youngsters created their own video version of Pharrell Williams’ HAPPY and ...

on Iran Crime Stats: NationMaster.com


The World Bulletin.net featured a story that Turkmenistan is being mulled as an ideal ...

on Top stats for Turkmenistan: Country profile


The World Bank says that Poland has a population close to 39 million in 2013 ...

on Poland Economy Stats: NationMaster.com


Panama is full of history. In 1914, Panama Canal was unveiled as a first of ...

on Panama Economy Stats: NationMaster.com


Portugal is coming out from the agonizing economic restrictions inflicted by a three-year economic rescue ...

on Portugal Economy Stats: NationMaster.com


Peru has remarkable economic indicators that make it an attractive destination for investors in Latin ...

on Peru Economy Stats: NationMaster.com


The economy of Pakistan has been rising during the last few weeks. The financially weak ...

on Pakistan Economy Stats: NationMaster.com


Consecutive Norwegian governments have pledged to save the country’s wealth for the welfare of ...

on Norway Economy Stats: NationMaster.com

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