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STAT Germany United States HISTORY
Africa 144,391
Ranked 23th.
Ranked 16th. 74% more than Germany

Americas 2.4 million
Ranked 10th.
31.18 million
Ranked 1st. 13 times more than Germany

Asia > East and South East/Oceania 2 million
Ranked 15th.
6.52 million
Ranked 6th. 3 times more than Germany

Europe 16.1 million
Ranked 8th. 50% more than United States
10.7 million
Ranked 10th.

Total 21.5 million
Ranked 9th.
49.21 million
Ranked 4th. 2 times more than Germany

Western Asia 185,497
Ranked 15th. 29% more than United States
Ranked 18th.