Conflict Stats: compare key data on Israel & United States


  • Terrorism > Global Terrorism Index: Score on Global Terrorism Index. A high value indicates that a country is affected by many terrorist incidents with a strong impact in terms of fatalities, injuries and damaged property.
  • War > Syrian Civil War > Foreign civilians killed: Amount of civilians killed from each country due to the Syrian Civil War. Palestine had an estimated 700 civilians killed due to the civil war. Not included are Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon who lost 74, 47 and 42 civilians respectively. These numbers do not include foreign opposition fighters.
STAT Israel United States
Terrorism > Global Terrorism Index 5.16
Ranked 20th. 45% more than United States
Ranked 40th.
War > Syrian Civil War > Foreign civilians killed 1
Ranked 12th. The same as United States
Ranked 15th.