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STAT Japan United States HISTORY
Africa 20,583
Ranked 63th.
Ranked 16th. 12 times more than Japan

Americas 1.03 million
Ranked 25th.
31.18 million
Ranked 1st. 30 times more than Japan

Asia > East and South East/Oceania 4.76 million
Ranked 8th.
6.52 million
Ranked 6th. 37% more than Japan

Europe 817,092
Ranked 50th.
10.7 million
Ranked 10th. 13 times more than Japan

Southern Asia 92,676
Ranked 23th.
Ranked 8th. 4 times more than Japan

Total 6.73 million
Ranked 28th.
49.21 million
Ranked 4th. 7 times more than Japan

Western Asia 3,072
Ranked 59th.
Ranked 18th. 47 times more than Japan


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