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STAT Scotland United States HISTORY
Background > National tree Scots Pine Oak
Crime > Assaults 1,655.1
Ranked 1st. 2 times more than United States
Ranked 1st.
Crime > Auto theft 293.1
Ranked 9th.
Ranked 6th. 33% more than Scotland

Crime > Burglaries 597.6
Ranked 13th.
Ranked 9th. 20% more than Scotland

Crime > Drugs > Annual cannabis use 8.4%
Ranked 3rd.
Ranked 1st. 63% more than Scotland
Crime > Drugs > Lifetime cannabis use 20.5%
Ranked 4th.
Ranked 1st. 3 times more than Scotland
Crime > Murder rate 1.79 5
Crime > Police officers 361.4
Ranked 13th. 48% more than United States
Ranked 27th.
Crime > Robberies 69.9
Ranked 29th.
Ranked 10th. 2 times more than Scotland
Crime > Violent crime > Intentional homicide rate 1.72
Ranked 38th.
Ranked 7th. 3 times more than Scotland

Culture > Food and drink > Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet date November 23, 1987 May 15, 1940
Culture > Food and drink > Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet notes Second store was Kirkcaldy . It took over 13 years since McDonald's first appeared in the UK. See McDonalds Annual Report
People > Population 5.29 million
Ranked 3rd.
316.67 million
Ranked 3rd. 60 times more than Scotland

Religion > Christian > Mormon > Congregations 39
Ranked 2nd.
Ranked 1st. 352 times more than Scotland

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