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DEFINITION: Name of tree.

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Albania Olive
Antigua and Barbuda Whitewood
Argentina Ceibo and Red Quebracho
Australia Golden Wattle
Bangladesh Mango tree
Belize Honduras Mahogany
Bhutan Bhutan Cypress
Brazil Brazilwood
Cambodia Palmyra palm
Canada Maple
Chile Monkey-puzzle
China Ginkgo
Colombia Quindio wax palm
Costa Rica Guanacaste
Croatia Pedunculate oak
Cuba Palma Real
Cyprus Golden oak
Czech Republic Small-leaved Lime/Small-leaved Linden
Denmark Beech
Dominican Republic West Indian Mahogany
Ecuador Cinchona pubescens
El Salvador Maquilishuat
England Royal Oak
Estonia Pedunculate Oak
Finland Birch , Silver Birch
Germany Oak
Greece Olive
Guatemala Kapok
India Banyan Tree
Indonesia Teak
Iran Cedrus
Ireland Sessile Oak
Israel Olive
Italy Olive , Oak
Jamaica Blue Mahoe (national tree)
Japan Cherry blossom
Laos Frangipani
Latvia Oak
Lebanon Lebanon Cedar
Madagascar Baobab
Maldives Coconut palm
Malta G\u0127arg\u0127ar
Mexico Ahuehuete
Moldova Oak
Nepal Rhododendron
New Zealand Silver fern
North Korea Magnolia
Pakistan Deodar
Palestine Olive
Panama Panama tree
Paraguay Lapacho
Peru Cinchona , Kiwicha
Philippines Narra
Poland Oak
Portugal Cork oak
Republic of Macedonia Macedonian Pine
Romania Oak
Russia Birch tree
Saudi Arabia Phoenix palm
Scotland Scots Pine
Senegal Baobab
Serbia Oak , Serbian Spruce
Slovakia Small-leaved Lime/Small-leaved Linden
Slovenia Tilia (Linden)
South Africa Real yellowwood
South Korea Hibiscus
Sri Lanka Na
Tanzania African Blackwood
Thailand Rachapruek
The Bahamas Lignum Vitae
Ukraine Pine , Willow
United Kingdom Royal Oak
United States Oak
Uruguay Arbol de Artiga
Venezuela Araguaney
Vietnam Bamboo , Rice
Wales Sessile Oak


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