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STAT Spain United States
Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > All drinks 11.62
Ranked 30th. 23% more than United States
Ranked 57th.
Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > Beer 4.52
Ranked 22nd. 1% more than United States
Ranked 23th.
Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > Homemade and illegal drinks 1.4
Ranked 83th. 40% more than United States
Ranked 100th.
Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > Legal sources 10.22
Ranked 24th. 21% more than United States
Ranked 43th.
Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > Other alcoholic drinks 0.61
Ranked 31st.
Ranked 128th.
Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > Spirits 1.31
Ranked 81st.
Ranked 42nd. 2 times more than Spain
Alcohol > Alcohol consumed from > Wine 3.59
Ranked 18th. 3 times more than United States
Ranked 48th.
Alcohol > Litres of pure alcohol drunk per year 11.68
Ranked 10th. 36% more than United States
Ranked 33th.
Alcohol > Standard drink size 10 g
Ranked 13th.
14 g
Ranked 3rd. 40% more than Spain
Beer consumption 3.25 billion L
Ranked 9th.
24.14 billion L
Ranked 2nd. 7 times more than Spain
Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet date March 10, 1981 May 15, 1940
Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet location Madrid San Bernardino , California
Fast food > McDonalds > First outlet notes See McDonald's Spain See McDonalds Annual Report
Fast food outlets > KFC > Notes 20 restaurants by 1991. 69 outlets by November 2012. First franchise in Salt Lake City , Utah in 1952
Milk consumption per capita 177.49 kg
Ranked 39th.
253.8 kg
Ranked 16th. 43% more than Spain


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