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STAT Sweden United States
Crimes possibly attracting life sentence Murder, kidnapping, arson, sabotage, devastation, hijacking, espionage, terror crimes, rebellion, endangering the public health by spread of contagion or poison, disloyalty when negotiating with foreign powers, dealing with anti-personnel mines, cluster bombs or chemical or nuclear weapons, unlawful nuclear explosion, treason, genocide and (the following in wartime only) mutiny, insubordination, undermining the will to fight, desertation, unauthorised capitulation, negligence of war preparations and negligence of battle duty; attempts, accessories, accomplices and incitements of all the above crimes might also be punished with life. Varies by state
Crimes requiring mandatory sentence None Varies by state
Has indefinite sentence Yes Yes
Has life imprisonment Yes Yes
Life sentence under the age of 18 or 21 under 21 : no life imprisonment Yes ( de jure )
Maximum length of sentence None None
Minimum life sentence to serve before eligibility for requesting parole 18 years or never, but parole hearing may be held after 10 years served, thus fixing a much later date for release on parole 15 years minimum to infinite, or never (depending on crime and state)


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